June 7, 2015

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Greetings, Dawgosphere.

We're still out of season and I still have the "Gone Fishing" sign up here at GYSB! but I am at least a somewhat active on the book of faces. Visit our FB page when you get a chance.

Hope all is well. GO DAWGS!

April 12, 2015

[GYSB] - The Sunday Treatment & A Trip Around The Dawgosphere: G-Day Edition

Go You Silver Britches -

Spring practice culminated and finished with the annual G-Day game that was played yesterday at Sanford Stadium in front of approx. 45,000 folks. The "Black" team (2nd-string O; 1st-team D) defeated "Red" 24-17. I got to listen to some of it on the radio and after talking with a few folks who were there and reading a few recaps, I think I've got a pretty good handle on things: 

  • Faton Bauta seems like he really wants to surprise everyone and end up taking the starting QB job. He had some pretty good numbers (171 yards with a TD) and some beautiful passes yesterday. Ramsey did well for himself, though, and one would have to think he's still probably unofficially the #1 guy as we wind our way through the Summer and get ready for August camp, though Richt has made clear that there is no starter for this team at the moment. By all accounts, Jacob Park at least revealed himself to be a semi-challenger for the job after having an underwhelming Spring practice. 
  • Keith Marshall and Sony Michel were both unavailable due to injuries and Chubb, smartly, was only used very sparingly, so most of the running was done by sophomore A.J. Turman who, by many accounts, looked very impressive - grinding out some tough, hard yards and picked up a couple of TDs to boot. I'd think this young man will see at least some nominal playing time this season if he stays healthy. 
  • Was bummed to see Isiah McKenzie hurt his hamstring on that beautiful TD catch and run he had, but he should be fine by the Summer. We'll be needing him to be the other go-to-guy besides Malcolm Mitchell. And Lord knows - we need Malcolm to stay healthy this year! We lost a lot of gunpowder at the WR position. One plus though - now that we've got Brian Schottenheimer as our OC, you know we're gonna be seeing lots of action with our tight ends and probably a lot of short and intermediate passes...with a whole bunch of running the ball! 
  • Defense? Man, that D is lookin' righteous, y'all. Top to bottom, this looks like a D that, stat-wise, could compete with the 2011 bunch. Very exciting... 
All in all, I'd say it was a very good day for the Dawg Nation. How long 'til Summer Camp starts? 

Not much has been posted about G-Day from the other DawgBloggers yet, but there has still been some great posting this past week. Let's check the pulse of the DawgNation and take...

A Trip Around the Dawgosphere


March 29, 2015

[GYSB] - The Sunday Treatment & A Trip Around the Dawgosphere - Spring Practice Edition

- Go You Silver Britches -

Oh hey! How ya been?

I forgot to put up my - "Closed for the Season" sign up as I usually do cover the Hoop Dawgs a good bit and then we'll wait until after Spring Football Practice is over until I go on hiatus, but I sort of already did that.

I had two different people ask me in the past three days why GYSB had been so quiet. There's no good answer other than the usual suspects: no-accountedness, rascalism, laziness, and maybe being too busy with a few other things and life and such.

Anywho, here I am. And it's great to be back.

What I've told these folks and others is that while I'm not actively blogging GA football right now, I do like to keep up-to-date during this all-too-important time of year. So, let's do it... 

A Trip Around the Dawgosphere:

I might post after G-Day. After that, once the pre-season mags come out and we're getting geared up for Summer Camp, I may or may not get semi-active. Options, people, I got all kinds of options... 


February 15, 2015

Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the Fox era? No. But...

UGA 68 - AU 69
ESPN write-up
ESPN box score

After a big win vs. aTm a few days ago, our Hoop Dawgs found -once again- a way to lose to an inferior opponent while looking pretty bad (and at times good) throughout the contest.

For a concise write-up we turn our eyes to Hoop Dawg, the Sen. Bluto of B-ball, who pulls no punches and, per usual, just tells it like it is:

"After Auburn graciously tossed the ball the length of the court and out of bounds with 1.8 seconds left, Georgia had one last look at the rim, trailing the Tigers 69-68.  Unfortunately, the Dawgs couldn’t get the ball in to anyone close to the basket...Auburn won the game and erased any good mojo that UGA might have been feeling after their win in College Station earlier this week."
A few weeks ago I felt pretty good about 10 SEC wins getting us into the big dance, but I'm thinking with this stumble that the number has been pushed to 11.  That means we have to go 4-2 over these next 6 games. Can we do that? Sure. Will we? Hard to say at this point. Gotta play UK again, and one has to figure that will be a loss.

Obviously there's a lot of questions being asked. I like Fox. But I also see that he's stubborn as a mule and the realist in me thinks that his time as our coach may be nearing the end. I hope not, but...you know.

December 21, 2014

Hoop Dawgs take out Seton Hall; Pick Up 6th Win of the Season

UGA 65 - Seton Hall 47
Box Score

After scoring the season's first signature win vs. Colorado two weeks ago, the Hoop Dawgs score another one against the Pirates of the Big East who came into this game with nine wins.

Per usual, Kenny Gaines and Marcus Thorton had big nights with 15 and 13 points, respectively. Even Nema Djurisic, who was dealing with the flu, picked up 8 points on some very quality time. Perhaps the unsung hero of the game would be JJ Frazier who picked up six points, 11 rebounds (!!!), and 7 assists in 28 minutes. I love that kid! He's great.

A big, big win for our Hoop Dawgs. We've got three more games, all winnable, before we start the SEC schedule. As I've felt since the preseason, I think this team has the potential to do something special this year. I just really like our team. We'll see...


December 1, 2014

Some Thoughts on Saturday and the Regular Season

Well, damn. My initial reaction was to remember my Grizzard - "frankly, I don't want to talk about it." And honestly, I don't. But...what the hell. Actually, I had promised myself midway through the third quarter when I was positive that we were gonna lose - because dive play, and inability to stop it - that I would give myself at least a 24 hour break from the internet, and specifically Facebook, because copious amounts of bourbon and extreme emotions and all that. Having let things stew in the mental back-burners for about 48 hours, I really don't have much to offer, but here it goes:

I'd like to say that I totally can't believe we lost that game, but I can believe we lost it. For starters, we did lose it. So there's that. But like I mentioned, things weren't looking good in the 2nd half. Hell, things weren't looking good already. Two fumbles within the Golden Tornado five yard line. Just Damn! And there was something else. You could tell them techies wanted it. Wanted it real bad. They were hungry for it. And they got it. You can't win them all against that crowd, unfortunately, and they will win from time to time and this definitely seemed like their year. Squib kick? Already been covered. A lot. Whatever. It happened, and that Tech kicker made a clutch kick. Mason made a mistake in OT. And that was that.

Major portions of the Bulldog Nation have been in full-on meltdown mode, and I can kind of get that. Because as I've said on this blog on more than one occasion, the Flagboy team is our biggest rival. Never. Forget. That. As Saban once said - you've got to hate losing more than you enjoy winning. And as I've said many times - your biggest rival is based on who you hate losing to the most. After five in a row, 12 of 13, 18 out of 22, and 22 out of 28, it's easy to forget that. So in the grand scheme of things, this is, unfortunately, a needed thing from time to time.

As for the 2014 campaign (regular season, at least), it was, in some ways, reminiscent of last year in that unexpected things occurred and things happened. I think a big thing to remember is this: in August, most folks were expecting 10-2 as best-case scenario with a repeat of 8-4 as very plausible. In that respect, we split the difference to finish with a solid 9-3 campaign. Of course, that was before we knew Chubb was going to be the second coming of Todd Gurley, but...we all know what happened with that. Really, I think 9 wins is about right for this team. I'll remember it as a Damn Good group of Dawgs. Tough guys, who were proud to put on that oval G, who always fought hard and always Got After Their Asses! Seniors like Mason, Conley, Bennett, Andrews, Moore, Swann, Wilson, and the rest of 'em: very proud of y'all for leading this team this year. You did great!

To me, there's a lot to play for with our bowl game. 10 wins would be nice, and it's always nice to get the extra practices. Unless somehow we get paired with Nebraska again, and then I'd just say F*ck It! We'll skip it (Three in a row? Surely not...right?). 

As is the case every night, it's a damn fine night to be a Georgia Bulldog!

November 16, 2014

UGA vs. Auburn: The Sunday Treatment and a Trip Around the Dawgosphere

(#15) UGA 34 - (#9) Auburn 7

Box Score

I still say Tech is UGA's biggest rival. Even though it hasn't been much a rivalry lately, I believe that because I feel that Tech is the team I hate to lose to the most, and I think that is the ultimate deciding factor. But, as I discussed yesterday with my buddy that went with me to the game who believes Auburn is our biggest rival, I could probably honestly say that I enjoy defeating Auburn the most. So...perhaps they are our biggest rival. Really, who cares...

I just know that I love beating that crowd. Especially big. It never gets old. The 2011 and 2012 beat-downs helped make up for the 2010 game and I think last night went a long way towards getting the bad taste of last year's game out of my mouth. And since the 2005 heart breaker that was also a late night game in Sanford Stadium against the wareagletigerplainsmen, we are 7-2 in this series. That's pretty great.

Where to start? Man...just such a great team performance. Chubb and Gurley. The special teams. Man - the defense! Pruitt is obviously a great DC and he obviously has a knack for stopping the Gus Bus. To me, that's as good a defensive performance we've seen from the Silver Britches in the last decade. And let's not forget about the crowd. Several players and coaches made a point to thank the crowd. I've been going to UGA games over 30 years and I can honestly say that was as good and fired up a crowd as I've ever seen. I think it was even louder and more intense than last year's games vs. SCAR and LSU.

Not all is good, however, as #3 Toddy Gurley suffered a knee injury towards the end of the night. No official word as of yet, but I don't think it looks good. Seems like he might have some ligament damage. If that's the case, I sure do hate it. Doesn't seem right. But, if that is the case, I think Gurley is the type of guy that can come back better and stronger than ever and will have the opportunity to achieve everything he deserves at the next level. Regardless, he will always be considered one of the greatest of Damn Good Dogs and will always hold a status as one of the greatest to ever put on the Silver Britches.

Anything to complain about? The officiating, for sure. Calling back that beautiful fake punt was as bad a call as we've seen all year. We still seem to have some issues with punting the ball, but all in all did okay in that respect. Our kickoff coverage was excellent although I'm still not sure why we're not putting it in the end zone every time.

Truly a great game for our Dawgs. What a night!

Let's get the pulse of the Dawg Nation and take...

A Trip Around the Dawgosphere:

As I type this, it seems as if reports are surfacing that Gurley's knee injury is a season-ending one. That's terrible. I hate to hear that so damn much. Man...Also, it is now official that Muschamp will be stepping down from Florida after this season. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted although not so much for this year's edition of the WLOCP. I'll be curious to see who UF goes after. Mullen? Possibly Stoops from Kentucky? An NFL guy? We'll see...