February 15, 2014

Another Big Win for the Hoop Dawgs

*via Sic'em Dawgs
Our Hoop Dawgs have been somewhat of a mystery this year. After a disappointing and unimpressive opening non-conference start, the Dawgs proceeded to win 4 of their first 5 SEC games only to then go on an underwhelming three game losing stretch. But now, with today's exciting 61-60 win over Ole Miss, UGA finds itself the owner of a 4 game winning streak and have now improved to 14-10 on the season (8-4 in SEC play).

The big question is this: have the Dawgs truly turned the corner. Is this team, like some of us thought they might be by this point in the season, a team that could finish with 18 or so regular season wins and have the ability to make a run in the SEC tourney? I think the short answer on that is...quite possibly.

Obviously our guard play is some of the best in the league: Gaines and Mann are just flat out ballin!" And while not having a true big man is hurts a bit, we are seeing really good forward play out of Thorton, Williams, and Djurisic. I still think this is a team that can accomplish some things as long as they can put the ball in the hoop. They seem to be doing better with that.

Sorry for the layoff here lately, but I'm back! Here's some recaps from the last few games by the ultimate UGA Hoops Dawg blog, Hoop Dawgs: