April 12, 2015

[GYSB] - The Sunday Treatment & A Trip Around The Dawgosphere: G-Day Edition

Go You Silver Britches -

Spring practice culminated and finished with the annual G-Day game that was played yesterday at Sanford Stadium in front of approx. 45,000 folks. The "Black" team (2nd-string O; 1st-team D) defeated "Red" 24-17. I got to listen to some of it on the radio and after talking with a few folks who were there and reading a few recaps, I think I've got a pretty good handle on things: 

  • Faton Bauta seems like he really wants to surprise everyone and end up taking the starting QB job. He had some pretty good numbers (171 yards with a TD) and some beautiful passes yesterday. Ramsey did well for himself, though, and one would have to think he's still probably unofficially the #1 guy as we wind our way through the Summer and get ready for August camp, though Richt has made clear that there is no starter for this team at the moment. By all accounts, Jacob Park at least revealed himself to be a semi-challenger for the job after having an underwhelming Spring practice. 
  • Keith Marshall and Sony Michel were both unavailable due to injuries and Chubb, smartly, was only used very sparingly, so most of the running was done by sophomore A.J. Turman who, by many accounts, looked very impressive - grinding out some tough, hard yards and picked up a couple of TDs to boot. I'd think this young man will see at least some nominal playing time this season if he stays healthy. 
  • Was bummed to see Isiah McKenzie hurt his hamstring on that beautiful TD catch and run he had, but he should be fine by the Summer. We'll be needing him to be the other go-to-guy besides Malcolm Mitchell. And Lord knows - we need Malcolm to stay healthy this year! We lost a lot of gunpowder at the WR position. One plus though - now that we've got Brian Schottenheimer as our OC, you know we're gonna be seeing lots of action with our tight ends and probably a lot of short and intermediate passes...with a whole bunch of running the ball! 
  • Defense? Man, that D is lookin' righteous, y'all. Top to bottom, this looks like a D that, stat-wise, could compete with the 2011 bunch. Very exciting... 
All in all, I'd say it was a very good day for the Dawg Nation. How long 'til Summer Camp starts? 

Not much has been posted about G-Day from the other DawgBloggers yet, but there has still been some great posting this past week. Let's check the pulse of the DawgNation and take...

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