Silver Britches

In addition to being an iconic part of its uniforms, silver britches have been an integral part of Georgia's football history. "Go You Silver Britches" was the rallying cry for the Bulldog Nation for many, many years. In fact, as Bill Hartman recounted in the "1980 Georgia National Champions" DVD, throughout the Wally Butts era, the Georgia football teams were as known as the Silver Britches as much as they were the Bulldogs.

As was also recounted in that documentary, that famous rallying cry was somewhat modified by the Bulldog faithful to, "Go You Silver Britches! Go You Sons of Bitches!" When Vince Dooley took over the program in 1964 he found this to be somewhat off-putting. And since he also radically redesigned the UGA football uniforms, he decided to switch to white pants instead of the classic silver. However, as fate would have it, Dooley would bring the silver britches back for the 1980 football season which happened to be the year the Bulldogs won them all and were crowned National Champions of college football.

In the early and mid 80's, that famous rallying cry (minus the profane part) made a resurgence amongst the Bulldog faithful and it is something I remember vividly and fondly growing up as a young UGA fan. So, when thinking about a name for this blog - and since there wasn't any other published blogs with that name (as far as I could tell) - it seemed like a logical choice.


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