December 21, 2014

Hoop Dawgs take out Seton Hall; Pick Up 6th Win of the Season

UGA 65 - Seton Hall 47
Box Score

After scoring the season's first signature win vs. Colorado two weeks ago, the Hoop Dawgs score another one against the Pirates of the Big East who came into this game with nine wins.

Per usual, Kenny Gaines and Marcus Thorton had big nights with 15 and 13 points, respectively. Even Nema Djurisic, who was dealing with the flu, picked up 8 points on some very quality time. Perhaps the unsung hero of the game would be JJ Frazier who picked up six points, 11 rebounds (!!!), and 7 assists in 28 minutes. I love that kid! He's great.

A big, big win for our Hoop Dawgs. We've got three more games, all winnable, before we start the SEC schedule. As I've felt since the preseason, I think this team has the potential to do something special this year. I just really like our team. We'll see...


December 1, 2014

Some Thoughts on Saturday and the Regular Season

Well, damn. My initial reaction was to remember my Grizzard - "frankly, I don't want to talk about it." And honestly, I don't. But...what the hell. Actually, I had promised myself midway through the third quarter when I was positive that we were gonna lose - because dive play, and inability to stop it - that I would give myself at least a 24 hour break from the internet, and specifically Facebook, because copious amounts of bourbon and extreme emotions and all that. Having let things stew in the mental back-burners for about 48 hours, I really don't have much to offer, but here it goes:

I'd like to say that I totally can't believe we lost that game, but I can believe we lost it. For starters, we did lose it. So there's that. But like I mentioned, things weren't looking good in the 2nd half. Hell, things weren't looking good already. Two fumbles within the Golden Tornado five yard line. Just Damn! And there was something else. You could tell them techies wanted it. Wanted it real bad. They were hungry for it. And they got it. You can't win them all against that crowd, unfortunately, and they will win from time to time and this definitely seemed like their year. Squib kick? Already been covered. A lot. Whatever. It happened, and that Tech kicker made a clutch kick. Mason made a mistake in OT. And that was that.

Major portions of the Bulldog Nation have been in full-on meltdown mode, and I can kind of get that. Because as I've said on this blog on more than one occasion, the Flagboy team is our biggest rival. Never. Forget. That. As Saban once said - you've got to hate losing more than you enjoy winning. And as I've said many times - your biggest rival is based on who you hate losing to the most. After five in a row, 12 of 13, 18 out of 22, and 22 out of 28, it's easy to forget that. So in the grand scheme of things, this is, unfortunately, a needed thing from time to time.

As for the 2014 campaign (regular season, at least), it was, in some ways, reminiscent of last year in that unexpected things occurred and things happened. I think a big thing to remember is this: in August, most folks were expecting 10-2 as best-case scenario with a repeat of 8-4 as very plausible. In that respect, we split the difference to finish with a solid 9-3 campaign. Of course, that was before we knew Chubb was going to be the second coming of Todd Gurley, but...we all know what happened with that. Really, I think 9 wins is about right for this team. I'll remember it as a Damn Good group of Dawgs. Tough guys, who were proud to put on that oval G, who always fought hard and always Got After Their Asses! Seniors like Mason, Conley, Bennett, Andrews, Moore, Swann, Wilson, and the rest of 'em: very proud of y'all for leading this team this year. You did great!

To me, there's a lot to play for with our bowl game. 10 wins would be nice, and it's always nice to get the extra practices. Unless somehow we get paired with Nebraska again, and then I'd just say F*ck It! We'll skip it (Three in a row? Surely not...right?). 

As is the case every night, it's a damn fine night to be a Georgia Bulldog!