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I'm a Georgia grad from a Georgia family that resides in the Georgia Piedmont. I love all things UGA.

I've been going to Georgia games for over 30 years.

George Haffner is one of the greatest assistant coaches in UGA history in my opinion. A "company man," so to speak, he joined the UGA staff prior to the 1980 season. I had the privilege of meeting Coach Haffner and getting to know him fairly well as my Dad was pretty good friends with him back in the day. The way he was thrown under the bus by Ray Goff has always stuck in my craw.

I hate Tech, loathe Florida, and greatly dislike Tennessee and Auburn.

I love college football; I really love UGA football.

As a child, my first memories of going to UGA games were heavy on Herschel Walker. I actually have more vivid memories of the mid 80's when things weren't quite as good record-wise, but was still awesome and amazing for a young boy. I attended UGA from 1993 - 1997, so I know all about losing and frustration. With that said, I must confess that the 1997 season was pretty nice. And that '96 Auburn game wasn't bad either. The 2002 season was pretty magical for me - of the 14 games played, I was at 12 of them including the SECCG and the Sugar Bowl victory against FSU. Finally seeing the Dawgs getting another SEC crown was pretty special and was a long time coming. 

I once wrote a post about the Dawgosphere on another blog I operate.  After some thought, and due to the fact that several once-active Dawg blogs had gone dormant, I decided to start my own. Over the years, I have written some recollections of growing up as a UGA fan in a UGA family that you might like to read as well.

And truth be told, one of the main reasons why I started this blog, in addition to having an outlet for some of my random and not-too-important thoughts about our beloved Dawgs, was to have a page that I could easily go to that had my everyday stops throughout the UGA dawgosphere. You can see those to the right.

As an aside, my all-time favorite band is Led Zeppelin, closely followed by Steely Dan, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Tommy Bolin. Eclectic? Quite. And my favorite writers are Lewis Grizzard, Hunter S. Thompson, Stephen King and Tom Wolfe.

Hope you enjoy, and if you feel so inclined, follow me on twitter.
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