November 2, 2014

Fear & Loathing: UF edition; A Trip Around the Dawgosphere

I think folks were getting tired of talking to me the past week. I'd have folks come by the store wanting to talk UGA football and make predictions of how big we'd win, but then I'd mess it up by being in full-on Munson mode - they've got one of the best defenses in America, despite what we've done the last two games without Gurley our offense had major question marks, Hutson Mason, etc...

Also, somewhere in the back of my mind, and like a lot of other folks too, I'm sure, that nagging thought that UGA was due for their crap game. Florida was like a wild beast backed into a corner. Sure, some had theorized that the team had probably already quit on Muschamp, but I read a few articles during the week from people in the know saying that had not happened. This was their last stand. They wanted to win it for their coach and themselves.

And you've got to tip your hat to the dreaded Gators. I hate Florida. They just flat-out whipped us. In all three phases. Florida sux. Controlled both lines of scrimmage. Looked to be the better coached and prepared team. Did I mention my hatred for Florida. They kicked our asses...

I'll never forget my first trip to Jacksonville. 1985. UF had just been ranked #1 for the first time in their history and Kerwin Bell and Co. were just gonna beat the tar out of us. We won. 24-3. That's Georgia/Florida. Throw the records out. Every time. 2002. Who should have won that game? And who didn't? UGA. Ditto for 2005. Who should have won that 2012 game? Florida should have, but they didn't. That's Jax, baby.

This game was tough. Just damn terrible...

Jacksonville makes Jack a dull boy

And now! To get a pulse of the Dawg Nation...


  • Damn, Bill Shanks, tell us how you really feel. *Warning: this might be too much for some of you*
  • DawgSports' 15 Thoughts. Always right on the money. Today is no exception. Very important point - we can't let Florida beat us two weeks in a row. We've got to rally and get ready for a very solid UK team.
  • Tyler's Sunday Morning Comes over at Georgia Sports Blog. He raises a very good point: "Is it back to the drawing board for Pruitt?" We get the secondary worked out but is our D-line able to handle a strong O-line and a couple of good TBs. Based on yesterday's performance. I'd say not... 
  • The Grit Tree discusses "Jacksonvilling."
  • Would love to hear the Senator's thoughts but I figure he's on the road. I'll update once he does. 


Well...we can't feel sorry for ourselves too long. We got UK in six days. In Lexington. That crowd always brings it. Still a lot to play for. It's always a great day to be a Dawg!

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