February 15, 2015

Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the Fox era? No. But...

UGA 68 - AU 69
ESPN write-up
ESPN box score

After a big win vs. aTm a few days ago, our Hoop Dawgs found -once again- a way to lose to an inferior opponent while looking pretty bad (and at times good) throughout the contest.

For a concise write-up we turn our eyes to Hoop Dawg, the Sen. Bluto of B-ball, who pulls no punches and, per usual, just tells it like it is:

"After Auburn graciously tossed the ball the length of the court and out of bounds with 1.8 seconds left, Georgia had one last look at the rim, trailing the Tigers 69-68.  Unfortunately, the Dawgs couldn’t get the ball in to anyone close to the basket...Auburn won the game and erased any good mojo that UGA might have been feeling after their win in College Station earlier this week."
A few weeks ago I felt pretty good about 10 SEC wins getting us into the big dance, but I'm thinking with this stumble that the number has been pushed to 11.  That means we have to go 4-2 over these next 6 games. Can we do that? Sure. Will we? Hard to say at this point. Gotta play UK again, and one has to figure that will be a loss.

Obviously there's a lot of questions being asked. I like Fox. But I also see that he's stubborn as a mule and the realist in me thinks that his time as our coach may be nearing the end. I hope not, but...you know.

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