August 30, 2019

2019 UGA Football Preview

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Friends, it's finally here. UGA football is back.

The Braves have been great to watch, and we continue to expect big things from this wonderful, motley crew. But MLB is not CFB, is it?

So...the Rammer Jammers have broken our hearts twice in as many years (and 3 times in 7). 

To that, I say: To Hell with  Alabama!

Damn, I hate that crowd. And Saban?...What an Asshole!

Enough about that, dammit, this isn't an Alabama post. No, this is a Georgia post, but I think we all know that 'Bama will  be a key part of the story, in that, we'll have to beat the fuckers this year if we shall achieve what we want/should/need to achieve.

This is my 7th year doing a UGA Football Preview. The first time was in 2013 for "About Covington to Madison" magazine. In that Summer of 2013, I predicted a UGA National Championship. Yeah -  ha ha. For the record, that was kind of a consensus pick at the time (Keep Calm & Qauyvon On!). Little did we know that we'd soon be running into a buzz saw against Clemson, then notch two of the greatest victories in program history (USCe & LSU), before witnessing the dumpster fire that would become our once-vaunted season due to an unbelievable string of injuries & some 1965-style, old-fashioned bad luck.



An Injury.



That's the big concern, naturally. Now granted, we'll probably only need about 175-200 yards per game in the air to reach our mark, but it's all the intangibles that Jake brings to the table that would be the key to realizing our long-overdue reward. SBIV could probably hit those numbers, but could he be The Guy?    

Yessir, we gotta stay healthy. 

The Rundown 

The best O-line in UGA history? Looks that way.

Best D-line? Very likely.

The rest? Yeah, looks like we're good (receiving corps will be fine, I think), and... we're motivated.

Just got to stay healthy. 

That's all I got, folks.

As always, thanks for reading.

MB McCart 

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