October 18, 2014

UGA vs. ARKY: Some Pregame Thoughts

Honestly, I'm a little tired of all the naysayers. If we had barely scraped by or lost last week, I could kind of get it, but to me, this just reeks of disrespect. Maybe some of these folks know something we don't, but I doubt it.

So now we get Arkansas. I watched a good bit of their game Saturday, and I pretty much watched all of the 2nd half. They're a good team. Lots of talent. Lots of big offensive lineman. Some very strong running backs and a very capable QB. You got to respect their D pretty good, too. Some very good players and they seem to be coaching 'em up really good out there.

But in terms of what we do well, I think we match up pretty good.

These are the keys to the game as I see it:

  • Win the turnover battle. 
  • Control both lines of scrimmage. 
  • Rush for over 200 yards
  • Throw for over 150 yards
  • Control the Hogs' ground game
And by the way, one of my nicknames happens to be Captain Obvious.

Last week, against Mizzou, we did all five of those things. Usually against a solid SEC opponent, that isn't going to happen. But, if we can do 4 of those things, then I think we win this game maybe by as much as 10-14 points. Chances are, we do three of the aforementioned things, and we'd look at hopefully winning a close game. If I could pick three, I'd choose: rushing the ball for over 200 yards, winning the turnover battle, and controlling the Hogs' ground game.

A couple of things make nervous:

  1. The ability for ARKY to put up huge numbers in the air
  2. Their impressive O-line 

Random SEC thoughts: I have a feeling 'Bama is about to take out some frustrations today...I think Florida beats MIZZOU today and sets up Jacksonville as the battle for the East...Call me crazy but I think UT is gonna play Ole Miss pretty close.


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