September 27, 2013

Breakin' it Down: UGA vs. LSU

Sorry for not posting in a couple of days. Having to do lots of stuff with September being the end of the fiscal year for my day job and all. And thanks for all of the hits. Still not getting many comments, but that's okay. I've really been blown away with the response to this blog. Thank You. And I've got a FB page for GYSB now, so check that out when you can.

It's getting close. I can almost taste it. Can't wait to get to the Classic City on Saturday and do some tailgating, hang out with some great friends, and see what should be the biggest game "between the hedges" in quite some time. It should be one hell of a ball game. Let's take a look at some numbers:

The LSU Tigers have played four games so far and are undefeated. They are averaging winning by a score of 43 - 20. Their offense looks pretty prolific thus far. Averaging just under 500 yards per game, they get more than five yards per run and are obviously getting it done in the air as well. In terms of scoring, they are in the top 20 in the country. They are also pretty good on 3rd down and and do well in the red zone. Of course, our Dawgs are playing some incredible offense, too. Murray is the best QB in the SEC based on passer rating. And we've just got so many weapons on that side of the ball. I can definitely see a high scoring game.

Defensively, the Tigers are also getting it done. Though not as impressive, stat-wise, as their offense, they are pretty darned good. At least their starting 11 is. One thing I've noticed is this: they might have some depth issues on D. I think we saw it in the 2nd half against Auburn. If we can do our thing and put a pretty good number of points on the scoreboard, I think we can start wearing them down with our power-I run game towards the end. At least, that's what we're hoping for.

The Mettenberger situation is obviously a pretty big storyline. And I'm sure CBS will be all over it, just like everyone else. Frankly, I'm over it and it's starting to bore me.
The concerns for us? I think everyone is fretting about the special teams. I would have to think that Richt and Co. have got that situation tended to! Another concern? For some folks, it would be our defense. From my perspective, we have improved so much from game 1 to game 2, and from game 2 to game 3, that I think our D is ready to "rise to the occasion." I really do.

Should be an incredible day in the Classic City.

My prediction: UGA 48, LSU 33. 

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