September 22, 2013

Thoughts on the UNT game, and a Trip Around the Dawgosphere

Greetings and GO DAWGS! Well, it might not have gone like we planned or wanted, but I'll take it. 45-21 looks pretty good to me, and a lot of us knew that this was going to be a solid, well-coached North Texas team with some pretty decent talent. I think all of us know that now. I tip my hat to HC McCarney and the Mean Green. They were in it to win it and they played hard.

I'd previously written a preview for this season in a publication I write for and had made a point to mention that while we wouldn't have great special teams play, we would at least be solid. I'm really starting to wonder if I was wrong on that. And folks - that could be a big problem. Like Dooley always said, having a solid kicking game is the key to competing and winning in the SEC. If we don't fix this, we're just pissin' in the wind, I'm afraid. Two touchdowns on ST lapses - not good. With that said, I think we can shore it up and be alright. The coaches and players have some work to do. Let's see how it plays out...

Aaron Murray is a DGD and one hell of a quarterback. Based on QB rating, he is the best in the SEC and I think he may very well be the best in the country. Well done, sir! Our running game wasn't nearly as effective as it had been the previous two games and I think that was by design. Again, let's give UNT credit - they schemed and planned to stop the run and make UGA beat them in the air. Which we did. Gurley got some good, tough yards. Most impressive. I thought the O-line did well and hats off to our TEs and receiving corps.

Defense equaled awesome, in my opinion. Kudos to Grantham, asst. D coaches and most importantly - the players. Thompson is a very good QB and they had some weapons on that side of the ball and I thought our boys did great.

So A's for the offense and defense; a D- for special teams. A repeat of those grades will most likely mean that we'll be 2-2 a week from today. Got to clean up those special teams. I think we will...

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